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For fans of those fabulous old films from the Silents to the 1960s. Discuss your favorite stars, critique films, recommend books, share news and just gab! Unmoderated until further notice. RSS Feed what is XML?

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Swedish Silent Film  review
Swedish Silent Film webpage  review
Silent Film  review
Favorite 1939 Film  topic
Movies About Movies  topic
silver screen crushes  topic
Maestro LUCA BURINI, pianist & mrs LARISSA SALE...  photo flag
TCM Showing of the 1939 films  topic
Night of the Hunter - what do you think of it?  topic
seeking new moderator  topic
Scarlet Pimpernel (1934)  topic
Quarks  review
kids' classics recommendations?  topic
Asian Images in Film  topic
So long, Richard Widmark...  topic
2008 remake of "The Women"!  topic
Notorious  topic
Bette Davis  topic
Jean Simmons  topic
Comedic pre-quel to "Citizen Kane" on stage in ...  topic
best of the 1960s  topic
7/1 Olivia Mary de Havilland  topic
6/1 Marilyn is 81  topic
5/22 Happy 100 Sir Larry  topic

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